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Android Twitter Twidroid App Vs. Seesmic

Without going into too a detailed description of each of these two Twitter app’s features, let’s focus on the two, most commonly used ones – reading and writing of Tweets – and the way Twidroid and Seesmic perform them.

The current version of Twidroid 3.0.6 offers the most convenient reading format for Tweets: it brings the main page with the lists of the latest tweets that are of interest to you, AND – which is especially convenient – it continues from the last tweet read by you. This means, you won’t have to scroll down the tweets every time to find the last one you read. The quick menu for replying is summoned by touching the relevant tweet.

To write a new tweet hit the Tweet icon that looks like the chat one. It will bring forth a quick input box to write the tweet in. There is a button for quick adding of files, pictures and video. The biggest drawback is that this app lacks a URL shortening feature for its free version. ullam non urna eros.

Seesmic will appear pretty similar to Twidroid upon entering the app: the user is likewise required to enter the username and password in order to get started. The main page bears some differences: the most used functions are represented in the form of tabs located in the upper part of the screen and even more functions may be found in menu option. These tabs are, though, too bid and occupy too much of the valuable space on the small screen of mobile devices.

When opening the application for the first time the most recent tweets will be presented to you and you can constantly refresh the content using the big button (which again occupies too much space on the screen). The major inconvenience about this app is that the latest tweets are located in the end of the list and you’ll have to scroll down to those you haven’t read yet. When touching the screen while reading a tweet in Seesmic will carry you to some other page where you’ll be able to follow the links, reply to a tweet or search.

To write a tweet in Seesmic you should select the compose option from the menu that will lead you to the app’s compose section. When in this section, you’ll be able to attach files, videos and pictures, URL shortening and your location. Though the URL shortening feature is a considerable convenience, nevertheless users may find the necessity to hit two buttons to write a Tweet somewhat bothersome.
Overall, for basic Twitter users, not very much interested in video uploads and URL shortening,

Twidroid free is just what they need. Yet, for those, more interested in URL shortening and video uploading, Seesmic is more convenient. And for those wishing to have multiple accounts, Twidroid Pro will be the ultimate solution.llicitudin in quam.